Internet ghettos

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Facebook admits rogue employees may have shown bias against conservatives

Social media giant denies ‘systematic’ discrimination

Facebook and Twitter are ‘Internet ghettos’ designed to eradicate the open range of independent thought that was once the Internet, according to media pioneer Matt Drudge.

I couldn’t agree more. yesterday I deactivated my ghetto account on Facebook.

Seems I have about an extra hour a day to get important things done.



State of Slim Day 1

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We had our first SOS meeting yesterday.

Dr. Holly was great. the plan seems logical and straight forward.

Quotes of the day’

‘its both a blessing and a curse that I’m our instructor.’  – Dr. Holly Wyatt

Explaining that she is the best at this, and that she demands the best from us also.

‘Begin with the end in mind’ and Weight Loss is Different than Weight Loss Maintenance’  – Dr. Holly Wyatt


The food list seams like enough for now. The ‘Boost the Flavor’ list has more options than I expected. that will really help especially with the Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt.


State of Slim 2015

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Next Thursday with a group of us from work are starting a program called State of Slim.

Here is some of the details.

State of Slim has a book and a program to help people change life styles.

There is a diet called the Colorado Diet.

We will be doing this program weekly at our offices but you could do it at Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

Here is a blog of participants that completed the program last year.

I might find time to post on this topic as we go through this program.


To write or not to write?

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It has been over a year sense I posted last, I think I am going to write more about SAP and IT leadership, Politics has gotten rotten.

I am getting Married this month so I will need a place to focus my energy.

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Time is the most valuable and limited commodity

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No one has enough time on one day to get their important items done.  to be successful you need to prioritize what you will focus on. I have been using a tool called Priority Matrix by Appfluence for a couple months on my iPad and on my Windows laptop. I sync them together which is one of the outstanding parts of this application.

I started using the default  Important & Urgent /  Not Important & Not Urgent matrix but now use a Now, Next, Open, Complete matrix for my priority matrix. I don’t allow more than 5 tasks in each Now and Next boxes.

I love the iPad version and I like the windows version. It still has some development work being done and can’t wait for the email updates. But it is a useful tool and the sync really makes it useful.

I email status reports with my notes from my iPad for each of my specific projects. this will come from my laptop if they update the email format to look like the iPad email format.

this has allowed me to really manage the priorities and make sure I am focusing on what is my priority and move tasks from one priority to another. I remove tasks from the ‘Now’ to the ‘Next’ priority when something gets escalated in priority showing exactly what I am working on each week.

The development group has a blog that I would recommend to anyone working on projects. I really liked this post Good project management skills and agree that Priority Matrix is a good tool to assist in my projects.

Check them out.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer

This strikes a cord because of so much information out there.

3) Make it more concise. Less is often more, so during my editing process, I’ll often ask, “How can I say the same thing in fewer words?” People don’t have time to read a long email, or memo, or article, so out of respect for your intended audience, practice making your writing short and sweet. I’d even argue that tweeting has helped me a lot with this, as it obviously limits you to 140 characters. If you’re not on Twitter yet, this is another reason to get tweeting.

I scan pages and only read if I see specific information I am looking for. What do you think?

Are you selling yourself short?

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Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself | LinkedIn

I really like number 3

3. “Authority.” Like Margaret Thatcher said, “Power is like being a lady; if you have to say you are, you aren’t.” Show your expertise instead.

Good article on rights…

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Real Rights vs. “Rights” (State-Dispensed Privileges)
Edward Cline (2013.01.30 ) Politics
I developed a dislike for Franklin D. Roosevelt in high school because he was oversold by my history teachers. He was portrayed as a kind of canonized secular saint who had saved the nation and the world from the ghastly phenomena of the Depression and the Axis. Too young to judge FDR’s political accomplishments, what inculcated an unshakable suspicion in me was the tone with which FDR was uncritically presented by the teachers to my history classes. (They were still called “history” classes back then, not “social science.”) He could do no wrong, his intentions were unquestionably noble, he had sacrificed himself for the greater good, and to criticize him was to belabor the picayune and the arcane and reveal oneself as an ignorant, reactionary lowbrow. So it was also with JFK and Woodrow Wilson.

Trust but verify. I love history, but I don’t trust history teachers…

SAP HANA for the NFL

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Check this SAP for fantasy football Player of the year

This is a great way to show how SAP HANA is and can be consumer friendly.

Here is the main article I found this from.

SAP Unveils Online Dashboard to Provide Fans With Analytic Insights for Fantasy Football Player of the Year


Life will be tougher in the future

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There is an interesting article talking about today’s College Freshmen and their belief system.

How college students think they are more special than EVER: Study reveals rocketing sense of entitlement on U.S. campuses

A simple statement makes me worry about how America is going to continue to grow and improve when our young is not willing to work hard and put in the effort needed to succeed.

While students are much more likely to call themselves gifted in writing abilities, objective test scores actually show that their writing abilities are far less than those of their 1960s counterparts.

Though they may work less, the number that said they had a drive to succeed rose sharply.

These young egotists can grow up to be depressed adults.

This is a really good point because we have many people mistaking  the measure of success (money) as success (production).

Twenge said that’s a trait that is often negative and destructive, and blames its boom on several trends – including parenting styles, celebrity culture, social media, and easy credit – for allowing people to seem more successful than they really are.

Back in the early 2000’s I read an article that makes a lot of sense.

Among the Inept, Researchers Discover, Ignorance Is Bliss

One reason that the ignorant also tend to be the blissfully self-assured, the researchers believe, is that the skills required for competence often are the same skills necessary to recognize competence.

This leads to the questions about what to do about it. How do we do the jobs the teachers wont do?

As I go through hiring processes I look for talents of the person I am interviewing. I break down some talent items in these ways.

  1. Organizational talent
  2. Attention to detail talent
  3. Moral ethics
  4. Drive
  5. Goals

When I talk about Organizational talent I mean, do they come to the interview prepared? Do they have extra resumes, notes, references, etc. all of these items take effort to prepare for. They take work of the individual to prepare. It is about what effort they are going to put into getting the job and how much effort they will put into being successful in the role they are applying for. Do they have a natural talent to be organized.

When I talk about ‘Attention to detail talent’ it is about do they have a natural talent that shows they pay attention to the small things as well as the large things. Do they have attention to details of the tasks they are working on? This was drilled into me when I was young and reinforced and refined in the Marine Corps.

As a business owner and a manager in corporate America we need to reinforce morality in what we do. It is morally correct to work hard and succeed and gather the rewards of that effort as a measure of success. But this reward is only moral if it is honest efforts and not done with any manipulation of  facts or credit.

Drive, is to produce, not to get as much as possible out of a company. it is to do what ever it takes to get the job done. It is the sometimes working at night, working all night and on weekends. it is to continually look for ways to improve yourself and others and not how to do the job the easiest way possible. it is called work for a reason. it is not always fun but in the end it is rewarding. 

Goals, Goals, Goals, I talk to interviewees about their long term goals, what success do they want, I believe my jobs is to get the best people around me and help them grown and step into the role that I currently hold. If they have goals that are really the measure of success I dig in. Schools today teach the lifestyle without the effort. People that want the lifestyle as played out on MTV and in movies have been harder to motivate to complete the work required. My Goals are to be as productive as possible and produce not only work effort but produce the next group of leaders that will continue growing and teaching so everyone I come into contact with and everyone they come into contact with will produce more.

I like the email incorrectly attributed to Bill Gates.

Some Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School

Rule No. 1: Life is not fair. Get used to it

Rule No. 2: the real world won’t care as much about your self-esteem as much as your school does.

Rule No. 3: Sorry, you wont make $40,000 a year right out of high school.

Rule No. 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait ‘til you get a boss.

This is not a overnight change that brought us to this but an evolution. it is all of the political correct teachings in schools. The lack of winners and losers. The Question of tomorrows leaders:

  • How do we motivate the next generation (or two) to become producers?
  • What are we going to do to enable the next generation to learn about effort required to succeed while in school?
  • How are we going to change what we teach kids about what success is and how it is measured?
  • How are we going to spread the equal opportunity to be successful around instead of the equal outcome?


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